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From: Alain Pastor <apastor@...>
Date: Sat, 26 Jun 1999 02:03:13 +0200

Steve Flavel a *crit :

> I have  nine nested loops that generate all the possible arrangements of the
> digits from 1 to 9  (9 factoral)
> To get out of these loops I use INKEY$.  However I would now  like to use a
> button click to also break out.  Can I safely use HANDLEEVENTS, within the
> loop using a PG: PRO shell?


Why don't you use FN BUTTON to check is the mouse button is down?
Perhaps, you might consider another technic using PG: first, dim a global
variable (let's say gMouseOrKeyFlag for instance) then use the PG function
pGSendNull inside the loops so that the flow of the program can be routed
outside of the loop and then test in section "Action other": case
_otherNullEvent if the mouse button is down or a key is pressed
You can build in a few seconds an example of such a technic.

1 - Create a new project with PG (just create a window then save)

2 - Open the project in FB and add in your global file:

DIM gMouseOrKeyFlag

3 - In your main file add the function below


    FN pGsendNull
UNTIL 1 = 2 OR gMouseOrKeyFlag

gMouseOrKeyFlag = _false


4 - Change your mainstart section so that it looks like this:

  CASE _mainStart
    ' You can open a window in PG with
    '"FN pGbuild(_theWindow)"
    ' If you change the constant name of
    ' the first window, you must also
    ' change the constant in the following
    ' line.

    gMouseOrKeyFlag = _false
    FN pGbuild(_windowClass1)
    FN doLoop

5 - And finaly add this line in the otherNullEvent section

  CASE _otherNullEvent
    gMouseOrKeyFlag = FN BUTTON OR LEN(INKEY$)

Hoping this makes sense