[futurebasic] TCP Connection State

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From: Sean -G3- <mclaughlin@...>
Date: Sat, 26 Jun 99 23:09:38 -0400
I am using some TCP routines written by Masaaki Tomura and modified by 
Greg Neagle. I want to find the state of my TCP stream. For example, if I 
get kicked off of a server, I want my program to take note of that, and 
tell the user.

I tried two methods, both of which did not work. The REMmed out portion 
is the first method I tried, and the normal portion is the second method.

      'tempTCPptr& = @gTCPcon
      'theStatus = tempTCPptr&.myStatus%

      theStatus = FN TCPConnectionStatus%(@gTCPcon)

      LONG IF (theStatus = 0) OR (theStatus = 99)
        gExchangeStep = _closeTCPconnection
      END IF

Anyone have a method to find the TCP state? Thanks.