[futurebasic] Re: [FB] SndRecord Toolbox function

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From: Mark Goodes <wave@...>
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999 21:20:03 -0400
>  `    DC.W    $08040014                ;trap number

The above statement looks suspect, for two reasons.  First, $08040014 looks
like a long instead of a word.  The W in DC.W stands for word.

Second, it looks like part of it is missing.  Peter's post gave the following:
  `  DC.W      $203C,$0804,$0014,$A800  ;call SndRecord
This looks more familiar.  If you disassemble this using Macsbug you get:
` move.l #$08040014,d0
` _SndRecord
The first statement puts a selector value in d0 (a common occurrence) and
the second one calls the trap.


wave (Toronto, Canada)