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From: BMichael@...
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999 23:41:28 EDT
Okay, my email package mangled the address; I sent this last night, but 
I'll try again!

>I'd like to know if there is a way to control the contents/size and perhaps
>even designate which Resources are to be used. I'm doing some
>Internationalized (Spanish right now) stuff where this could be handy.

The "easy" way is to do it yourself, and not let FB decide where to put 
it's strings. (At least not the ones you're going to internationalize.) 
I'd paste the code here, but it's pretty complicated; you can download 
the program "Mr. Hex in Louisiana" from the <http://www.futurebasic.org> 
website for a very complete example - you wouldn't necessarily need the 
several megabytes of data files and resource files just to look at the 
code. I _think_ the direct URL is

(Mr. Hex allows a menu selection between English & French; although the 
translator for the Louisiana-Cajun-French part never finished the job, 
and it wound up shipping as English-only. <sigh>)

If that .sit doesn't include the translation entry program I wrote for 
the translator to use (that puts the English at the top & allows entry of 
the French equivalent in the bottom edit field) for each STR# in the 
program, email me and I'll dig it up for you...