[futurebasic] Re: Resource Compile Errors

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From: BMichael <BMichael@...>
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 1997 16:20:00 EST
>vegasswede@... (Jim Henson) said:
> Mel Patrick 12/22/97 18:56 mel@...
>>Lately I've been seeing a LOT more of those pesky little "Resource errors
>>-195" or something to that effect when building a project. Never seen them
>>on System 7.5.5, just on OS8.
>That's the reason I went back to 7.6.1
>Remember when OS 8 first came out & I posted this problem .. I got told 
>how dumb I was by a WHOLE BIG CROWD OF PEOPLE .. Nobody but me was having 
>David was THE ONLY ONE of all you people who took me serious .. and 
>Staz's crew started trying to pin it down .. 

Well, I _believe_ both of you... but I've never seen it! I'm curious if 
maybe Jim & Mel (well, Mel now, since Jim's "fallen back"...) and anyone 
else getting this error are running "something" that I'm not?!?

That's kind of hard to believe when you see how many rows of inits crawl 
across my 17" on startup... but I suppose it's possible. Maybe we can 
"solve" this one for Staz & Co. ourselves; would anyone who is running FB 
2.3 on OS 8 send me their system configuration? (Conflict Catcher's 
"System Report" preferably... if you don't have CC, get it! It's a 
lifesaver when you're crashing...)

If I can collect a few from folks who _are_ crashing, and compare them to 
a few from folks who aren't, maybe I can find some common denominator.

P.S. I assume this is different from the perennial "partial app created" 
resource error crash that's been around forever, even pre-OS 8. _That_ 
one I've seen, frequently, on my 7.6.1 Mac at work.