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From: Paul Bruneau <paul_bruneau@...>
Date: Mon, 02 Aug 1999 13:02:49 -0400

I like your thinking. In my case, I'm going to try to put all the inputs
on a floating palette rather than integrated into the cells. I may not
be able to do that, however, so your comments have proven valuable to me already.

Another question: Does anyone know how Illustrator, Quark and the like
handle the scrolling around a big document? That information would shed
some light as well.

Also, I remembered Inside Macintosh, and am reading about Gworlds right
now (Duh!)


Joe Lewis Wilkins wrote:
> Hi Paul,
> I've done something similar to what you're talking about, but decided against
> the gWorld approach for a variety of reasons. This is a good time to discuss
> this and it is possible that I don't have the correct perspective on things.
> If you do this w/gWorlds that will work fine for the grids and graphics, but
> what about the cells themselves? You won't be able to use Edit Fields with all
> of their built-in functionality - or can you? I made that assumption and
> decided to use Edit Fields with the slower redraw, etc.. Was I wrong? Anybody?
> Mine is not as large as yours either, but is quite acceptable with the Power
> Mac speeds.
> Bottom line: Can Edit AND Picture Fields be part of a gWorld?
> Joe Wilkins
> Paul Bruneau wrote:
> > Hi everyone-
> >
> > I was lucky enough to run across FB a couple years ago, and I have
> > written several apps for my company over that time, but so far all of
> > them have fit well inside a 640x480 space. My biggest app has 3
> > different windows depending on what you are doing, but each is 640x480.
> >
> > Now, I must add some major functionality to this app. Basically, I'm
> > going to have a big grid of cells (16x16) where each cell represents a
> > sort of building block of our product. The cells can be different sizes
> > and "spans" (just like in an html table).
> >
> > 640x480 isn't going to cut it.
> >
> > So now I'm looking at scroll bars and things like that which I have
> > never had to do before.
> >
> > Today's question: Should I use a G-World?
> >
> > The reason I'm thinking of a gworld is so I don't have to use up so much
> > time redrawing all these cells. I'm thinking if I make the whole thing a
> > G-world, then as the user scrolls around, I can just let different parts
> > of the g-world "show" in the window.
> >
> > Is this how they can work? Be gentle, the only place I have ever
> > experienced gworlds is by reading this list.
> >
> > Here is how I see it:
> >
> > Redraw the cells in the gworld if the user changes the size of one of them.
> >
> > Move the "visible" part of the gworld based on any scrolling the user
> > does. My first idea was to redraw for each scroll event, but I quickly
> > figured that's a heck of a lot of redrawing.
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > Paull