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From: Charlie Dickman <charlied@...>
Date: Mon, 2 Aug 1999 17:50:18 -0400
>So now I'm looking at scroll bars and things like that which I have
>never had to do before.
>Today's question: Should I use a G-World?
>The reason I'm thinking of a gworld is so I don't have to use up so much
>time redrawing all these cells. I'm thinking if I make the whole thing a
>G-world, then as the user scrolls around, I can just let different parts
>of the g-world "show" in the window.


This is just the type of thing GWorlds were invented for (well, really for
animation but the spin-offs are myriad ;-). In fact, I'm doing a similar
thing and it works like a champ. If you find the examples in the FBII
documentation difficult try Frank Turovich's book "Learning FutureBASIC II
- The Toolbox". It's well worth it's price.

Charlie Dickman