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From: Mel Patrick <mel@...>
Date: Mon, 2 Aug 1999 23:12:17 -0700
>Love your FN Mel and it is great for doing what you're doing with it; but if
>you're going to be moving a lot of edit fields around, methinks you 
>need to KNOW
>the rects, not find them; so my previous comment about setting them, 
>them and using them still applies - don't you think?

Nope. Tried it once, hurt too much.

Seems to me moving edit fields all over the place could confuse the 
user experience. Kind of like the Windoze experience with Menus in a 

However, not knowing what you're trying to do by moving them all over 
probably doesn't help the issue. I don't think I have ever moved an 
edit field, not even in the database/spreadsheet apps I once wrote.

>In an instance in which the user makes an EF the current EF by clicking on it,
>and you want to do something special with THAT EF, then using TEHANDLE would
>certainly be appropriate and probably the ONLY approach, but for moving Edit
>Fields around en masse? IMHO!

FOR : MOVEthempuppies(X,Y): NEXT

I think thats pretty simple. But then, I'm usually pretty simple. It works.

Mel Patrick