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From: Stewart <stharris@...>
Date: Wed, 04 Aug 1999 11:30:25 -0400
> Jay Reeve wrote:
> >
> > The confusion is probably because we don't often come in contact with the
> > FB EDIT FIELD record--I at first assumed it was a TERECORD, too.
> >
> Me too--I think much of the terminology in the manual's description of WNDBLK
> is pretty confusing because of the different types of data structures that are
> being referred to by too-simliar names.
> Since Staz let me rewrite the manual for FB^3 (-:, I took the liberty of
> calling the FB-specific structures "Window descriptors" and "Edit Field
> descriptors," to avoid confusion with the MacOS structures called Window
> Records and TextEdit Records.
> - Rick

First off, Jay,
I want to thank you for writing such a clear description of the window record. It
cleared up many misconceptions and I greatly appreciate your time and effort.

and second, Rick.
Any chance of getting your revised description for FB III? I would love to have it

Thanks again for the help.