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From: BMichael@...
Date: Sun, 15 Aug 1999 18:10:28 EDT
Laurent said:
>Please note one more slipup.  With Bill
>Michael's help, way back in April, I patched
>some gaps in my version of the April archives.
>Somehow that effort got lost in the transfer to
>the web.  So everyone who keeps a copy of the
>list archives should fetch the corrected month
>of April.  That, unfortunately, includes all those
>who have already received the list archive from
>Bill on the futurebasic.org CD-ROM.

Oops! The corrected version is on all new CDs going out... I'd recommend 
that anyone keeping a set of archives for their own use go to;
<ftp://topo.math.u-psud.fr/pub/lcs/fb/FBdigests1999/FBD_0499.gz> and get 

I'm also now including the FB 2.3.1 updater and the "StazExtras" file 
from Staz's site on the futurebasic.org CDs as a convenience. I know I've 
replaced my StazExtras file a dozen times from backup, so having it on a 
CD would help!

(Of course, with FB^3, the compiler parts don't get corrupted...)