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From: Charlie Dickman <charlied@...>
Date: Sun, 15 Aug 1999 19:00:50 -0400
Bill Michael wrote...

>I'm also now including the FB 2.3.1 updater and the "StazExtras" file
>from Staz's site on the futurebasic.org CDs as a convenience. I know I've
>replaced my StazExtras file a dozen times from backup, so having it on a
>CD would help!


As a member of fb.org and a (somewhat outdated) CD owner I was wondering...

Could you, for a fee of course, provide an fb.org CD subscription 
that would provide CD owners with updates of the CD when a 
"significant" change to the CD is made (I would consider that 
inclusion of the 2.3.1 updater, etc. as a significant change).?

Other's thoughts?

Charlie Dickman