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From: Robert Purves <robert.purves@...>
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 1999 13:53:32 +1200
> Saved a StdLog report, which provides a lot of
>interesting info, but I don't know whether there is something in it
>to give me a clue or what. Anyone familiar with the StdLog and
>what to look for?

As a general rule, a casual unplanned vist to MacsBug is unlikely to be
very helpful. You may get lucky with the following parts of StdLog:-

1. Current application is "xxxxx"      Was it actually was your app that

2. Checking all heaps      see if any blocks were bad, sometimes a good
clue to the problem, but usually no use for identifying any particular
culprit code.

If you were prescient enough to have the COMPILE ,macsBugLabels option, the
following may be of use to work out where the offending code was:-

3.  Disassembling from...     not likely to be of use to you, since your
crash was in the Memory Manager, not directly in your own code.

4.  Calling chain       may include your offending FN, or toolbox calls
that you recognise.

5.  Return addresses on the stack           as above.

Robert Purves