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From: Joe Lewis Wilkins <PepeToo@...>
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1999 19:42:34 -0700
Thanks Robert,

Robert Purves wrote:

> > Saved a StdLog report, which provides a lot of
> >interesting info, but I don't know whether there is something in it
> >to give me a clue or what. Anyone familiar with the StdLog and
> >what to look for?
> As a general rule, a casual unplanned vist to MacsBug is unlikely to be
> very helpful. You may get lucky with the following parts of StdLog:-
> 1. Current application is "xxxxx"      Was it actually was your app that
> crashed?

Shore was!

> 2. Checking all heaps      see if any blocks were bad, sometimes a good
> clue to the problem, but usually no use for identifying any particular
> culprit code.

All were listed OK.

> If you were prescient enough to have the COMPILE ,macsBugLabels option, the
> following may be of use to work out where the offending code was:-

Unfortunately, I had JUST commented _macsBugLabels out

> 3.  Disassembling from...     not likely to be of use to you, since your
> crash was in the Memory Manager, not directly in your own code.


> 4.  Calling chain       may include your offending FN, or toolbox calls
> that you recognise.

Back chain ISA Caller
06047280  68k  05FED7AE  'CODE 0087 2C12'+01E0E
06047270  68k  001173B6
060471D0  68k  001172A0

> 5.  Return addresses on the stack           as above.

Stack Addr Frame Addr ISA Caller

This is only crash I've had in hundreds of hours of personal testing on a
variety of Macs.
I have no idea what "ISA Caller" is.

TIA, Joe Wilkins