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From: Charlie Dickman <charlied@...>
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 1999 00:33:47 -0400
>Don't get too excited about the "supposed" fix. The extension stops 
>the system from screwing up the FOND resource (that's the part 
>that's missing in some of the old fonts and the cause of the 
>corruption), is their "after" the effect fix. Hence if you install 
>new software and launch a program with a font menu, the extension 
>checks each and every font.
>Which, if you have a lot of fonts, slows the computer launching down 
>I believe its Alsoft that has a free font fixer that puts a FOND 
>resource in fonts that don't already have it.

I found nothing at Alsoft's web site. FontAgent8 is available from 
Insider Software for $69.95 (unlimited). From the sound of things I 
think I'll opt for it.

>I forget who was crashing with the truetype error, but when the 
>system tries to put a FOND resource in a font that needs it, it 
>doesn't always manage it right. I found about half the time it 
>corrupts anything from the System to the Finder (or the Mac ROM). 
>Which means, you reinstall. No fixie otherwise.
>Another neat little fact is that the new installers for 8.6 can mess 
>up the MacRom and actually put in an older version, "accidently" 
>because of some obscure reason. I had an Apple tech walk me through 
>this one, but it didn't make beans for sense. Nuff said that once we 
>put the ROM off the CD back into the System folder it settled down 
>I think the OS version number represents the number of serious 
>problems that will eventually rise to bite you in the butt.
>Right now, my favourite extension is one called NoNavServices. Guess 
>what it does...;-)

Where did you get it. If I visit download.com my browser crashes 
(Both the Navigator and the Explorer).

>Mel Patrick
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