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From: Charlie Dickman <charlied@...>
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 1999 11:51:38 -0400
> >>I believe its Alsoft that has a free font fixer that puts a FOND
> >>resource in fonts that don't already have it.
> >
> >I found nothing at Alsoft's web site. FontAgent8 is available from
> >Insider Software for $69.95 (unlimited). From the sound of things I
> >think I'll opt for it.
>Two items to get (other than Apple's, which I haven't seen) - Diamondsoft
>has an extension called "Font Fixer"
><http://ww2.fontreserve.com/update/fontfix.html> - I think - that
>prevents the problem, and Alsoft has "FOND Fixer", an application that
>fixes it after the fact. It really was on Alsoft's site at
><http://www.alsoft.com/AskAl/download.html> on 7/28!
>I'd try both of these, and Apple, before spending $70...

That turned out to be excellent advice but not for the reason you 
might think...

I found Alsoft's FOND Fixer thanks to Bill's providing the URL but it 
didn't find anything wrong with anything on my machine. However, 
while I was sitting here waiting for it to do it's thing (it took 
nearly 45 minutes to scan ~6.6 Gb of files) my mind wandered and I 
seemed to recall that there was some sort of appearance preferences 
in Navigator regarding fonts so I checked. Sure enough, there are 3 

1) Use page specified fonts including dynamic fonts,
2)Use page specified fonts but disable dynamic fonts, and
3)Use my fonts overriding page specified fonts

I had option 1 chosen and when I changed to option 3 the problems 
went away (at least on the problem pages that I know about so far). 
So, it would appear that 8.6's font problems are a bit more pervasive 
than at least I was aware of until now.

Charlie Dickman