[futurebasic] Announcing FutureBASIC^3 !!!

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From: Chris Stasny <staz@...>
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 1999 16:06:00 -0500
After 3 years of hard work we are at this moment duplicating golden masters
of the FutureBASIC^3 CD for our beta testers. After they have had a week or
so to look over the finished product, we will begin pre-shipment of updates
to a select few -- specifically: the guys on this list.

FB^3 will be sold by subscription. A 1 year subscription will get you a
minimum of two CDs with the latest updates and revisions for the new
compiler. As part of this pre-release, you will receive a diskette within a
couple of weeks, but your actual one year subscription will not officially
begin until January 1, 2000.

FBII is shipped on the CD with FB^3. We have also included the stuff that
used to cost extra like Menu Mill and QDFx. Gradually, all of the FBII
filters and add ons will be translated to FB^3.

Your price is $99 for a one year subscription. Shipping and handling is $18
U.S. and $36 Non-U.S. We will accept orders via FAX, 800 lines, and email.
Our web site will not reflect the new product for a few weeks.

FB^3 is packed with new features!

 - PPC, 68K, or FAT applications
 - Lite runtime sends output to a scrollable,
        editable, printable, saveable window
 - Toolbox calls are in source code and easily modified
 - The FBII runtime is viewable and editable
 - The compiled apps run much faster. Speeds are on par with MetroWerks C
 - Includes FBII and all filters and extras previously sold with FBII
 - No more segments -- code can be as big as the Mac allows (16 meg!)
 - Drag & Drop editor
 - Bookmarks
 - Fast startup (About 1 second to open the editor)
 - Fast compiles
 - Better error messages
 - Extensive preferences
 - No more COMPILE lines, globalizing functions, or INCLUDE lines
 - Searchable, copyable, printable electronic docs
          with a small RAM footprint and great loading speed
 - Extensive on line help
 - Find Definition takes you directly to a
         toolbox call, a local function, or a runtime function
 - Graphics and graphic lines in the editor window
 - Automatic dated remarks
 - A simple script menu for editor window typing
 - Access to all Macintosh shared libraries
 - An adjustable remark tab
 - /* Multi-line block remarks */
 - New BEGIN RECORD structure
 - PPC & 68K assembler built in

... and lots more!

Please provide the following information with your order:


  Phone Number:

      Exp Date:


-STAZ  ~)~

800.348.2623 Orders  http://www.stazsoftware.com
228.255.7086 FAX     mailto:staz@...