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From: "Michael Evans" <mikonic@...>
Date: Sat, 21 Aug 1999 13:55:25 -0400
>> I am preparing instructions for an FB program in Word 98 and want to use
>> snapshots of the various screens (in excess of 70) in the printed
>> instructions. I use Snapz Pro to capture screen images (mostly text and
>> edit fields) but don't understand why the quality of the printed picture
>> of the screen is so much worse than the image on the computer screen,
>> especially since computer screen images are only at 72 dpi (I think). I
>> have a TI Postscript Microlaser at 360 dpi, an Epson Stylus 1500 that
>> prints at 720 dpi.
> When printing traditionally (ie offset) screen resolution must be twice the
> line screen resolution (ie, for line screen of 120 lpi, you need a screen
> resolution of 240 dpi), with a couple of provisos:
> - for standard 150 lpi print jobs the differnece between 220 dpi and 300 dpi
> can only be seen in fine detais with a damn good film maker and printer
> doing the job, so you can top out at about 250 dpi
> - this supposes that screen size and print size are the same, if you enlarge
> the screen pic, you need to increase the resolution, so an image that will
> be doubled and printed at 150 lpi needs a resolution of 500-600 dpi.
> With machines like an Epson, it doesn't use the mechanical screen that
> offset does, using a form of dithering. Here in france when ofset printing
> dithering the printers like image files of between 300 and 600 dpi (real
> size). That makes for some _big_files.
> Screen shots are usually less complicated than photo-like continuous tone
> images as they tend to be all lines. I usually grab screen shots at 72 dpi,
> then in Photoshop, up the resolution to 288 dpi. Usually with 'bi-lineal'
> interpolation (beware this French PhotoShop, version 3.x). this has been
> used on packaging and catalogues with no problem.
> jonathan
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The best way to print screenshots that I've found is to include them in a
Quark document. they print great for any output resolution.....


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