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From: BMichael@...
Date: Sat, 21 Aug 1999 16:42:22 EDT
>I've got my eye on the LaCie 8x20 External.  Does anybody have any
>experience with this model, or have suggestions about a different one?

No clue on the LaCie's, but I can give _some_ advice. Don't get a 
Panasonic (Matsushita) CW-7502. (Unless you want mine. Highest bid was 
$40. Like most of them I've found, it's "non-functional".) Do consider 
the Yamaha CRW4416S - it's only 4X, but it'll do CD-R or CD-RW, and the 
price is good; ClubMac has them for just over $300.

Spend the extra up front for CD-RW capability. The savings in the long 
run on backup CDs will more than make up for it, even if you only "reuse" 
a CD-RW disc five or six times, as I do. (Paranoid? Me? Nah...)

The 8X models may sound wonderful, but I question how often you'll get a 
good "write" at that speed; most low-cost media is only certified to 4X, 
and most "good" media to 6X. You have to pay a premium to save that extra 
ten minutes... both in added media cost, and in added number of rejects, 
which means you "do it again", so it takes over twice as long...