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From: BMichael@...
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 1999 23:15:35 EDT
>>Waht can I say?  In my haste, I sent this to the group.  Please, (no,
>>PLEASE) destroy my message to the entire group.  Thanks.
>Bob .. I recommend HIGHLY .. you get on the phone to your CC Company and 
>get it changed .. SNELL .. That message is ALL  OVER THE NET .. I know .. 
>I spend a LOT of time on the web researching History .. 
>One day I typed FB into search and came up with MANY HUNDREDS of our list 

He's right - even if no member of this list would use your info, the list 
is archived in _several_ places (including freegroups.net) for easy 
searching. I have no way to remove the posting from those archives 
(believe me, I've tried before). So anyone with a web browser could 
stumble upon your info tomorrow, or a month from now - and even if I'd 
trust anyone on-list with my credit info, I sure wouldn't trust the 
"average Windows-using chatroom-lurking web-addict" not to go charge 
themselves a new Pentium tomorrow. (Am I naive in assuming that anyone 
who'd do this wouldn't be buying a new G3 instead?)

I'd treat this just as if you'd left your credit card laying on the 
counter at 7-11, and it was gone when you went back an hour later...