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From: Jim Henson <vegasswede@...>
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1999 03:50:40 -0700
>Well, 4th time is the charm. I believe this is it. I haven't checked all 
>of the
>possibilities, but at least it works at midnight. Needs to be checked for 
>Noon and
>I have neither the time nor the persistence. I trust this helps you with one
>approach. I'm sure there are others.


You are forgetting something .. And you "Jogged" my mind too ..

In my "Misery" App.. I had the time as the time wherever the Machine 
running it was located so actually that time was not really true .. Us in 
Pacific time are getting 3 hrs "Credit" time of suffrage

For my Ego I could claim it as "White House Time" ;-)

FIRST .. I Don't know the answer .. :-(

BUT .. Here is the requirement .. You MUST have a "Base Time And Date" as 
Greenwich Mean .. 

Then subtract the 5 hrs to get Eastern, 6 hrs for Central and add X 
Number hours for Germany, Japan, Australia esc

'Cause the way you are calculating .. As Pacific .. A person in Central 
using it would be 2 hrs off .. Tokyo would be 17 hrs off

AND .. As I said .. I don't know how to get a "Base Time" as Greenwich 

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