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From: Brian Heibert <brian0821@...>
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2019 22:35:57 -0500
Cracking Up. LOL

You guys are funny. 

Some ISPs or Internal Networks (ie. Company Networks) even easedrop on 
your email, to see what your sending, and monitor all internet activity 
internally from the company LAN.  At the company I work for,  they 
caught someone browsing something on the internet once, that they 
shouldn't of been doing, that person was immediatly fired.

Sending sensitive info is <B>Not</B> safe on the internet.

 The only way I do it, is via a secure server on the net. If the company 
that is selling a item doesn't have a secure system, They don't get my 
business, if they don't offer a different way to do it (ie. snail mail).