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From: Jamin <benjamen@...>
Date: Sun, 29 Aug 1999 19:52:13 +1000
aeblack said something like:

> 1.  Is there ANY way to call the functions in the C libraries from FB?  I
> know this issue has been tossed around many times, but I just haven't been
> able to figure out the answer to my scenario.

If you have done some C, then it will be easy.  All you need to do is wrap the C code using a pascal routine.  This can be accessed by FB2 using the CALL keyword.
If there are _hundreds_ of functions, then it might take you a _long_ while to write all the wrappers.  Its also a pain if the paramaters in the code will be modified by some C guy every few weeks.

> 2.  For example, can the C libraries be compiled by CodeWarrior as 'shared
> libraries' and then accessed by FB?  If so, what is the technique?
> 3.  The libraries are 500k to 800k in size each.  Is this an issue?
> 4.  Are any of these issues affected by the release of FB3?

FB^3 can talk to shared libraries directly, there is even a demo of how to do it in the examples folder.  I don't think you can use shared libraries from FB2 tho?