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From: tedd <tedd@...>
Date: Wed, 1 Sep 1999 18:39:47 -0400
>Has anybody worked with a database project in FB where the data needed to be
>I have a security issue where I have a Macintosh with a database on it. The
>Macintosh is easily accesible to various people. In other words, I have no
>control over who could access it other than putting a password on the Mac
>and database program.
>The issue is that I don't want anyone to be able to use the database file if
>they took it off of that Macintosh.
>I just noticed in a review of the current Seybold conference that MacOS 9 is
>supposed to have enhanced security features. But I'd like to build the
>security at the database level.
>Any ideas?
>Ken Lindberg
>Advanced Graphics & Programming
>Professional Electronic Publishing


You can encrypt the data base so that only your program knows how to read
the data. However, for the data to really be secure (not readable by any
other person) then you need to be able to control who uses your program. I
suggest that you keep your program on a diskette and keep the disk with
you. As such, the data base can be on any Mac you want and only you have
the key. If you let your program out to others, then you got no way to keep
your data secure.

Also, there is a program that does encryption called PGP (Pretty Good
Protection). The code is readily available at no charge off the net (search
for it via Sherlock), but it's in C. PGP produces encrypted data that is
impossible to break at this point in our technology. At present, it is my
understanding that it would take literially thousands of computer years to
break the code. As such, the US government is trying to control the program
and source code by imposing strict restrictions on its use and
distribution. So, if you've got the nerve, then jump into the water and
swim with the sharks. Personally, if I had the time, I would convert it to
FB, give it away and watch the Feds circle.


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