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From: lcs@... (Laurent SIEBENMANN)
Date: Thu, 2 Sep 1999 10:40:52 +0200 (MET DST)

Hi FB programmers,

The old style FB list digests for August 99 are up on:


This is a binary file compressed by MacGzip1.1.2
http://www.cps.unizar.es/~spd/, (MacGzip1.1.3 is due
soon but MacGzip1.1.2 seems rock solid to me.)
Good odds that one of your Stuffit Expanders will
decompact the archive.  However as a safety net, the
free parent utility is there too, in the old fashioned
".sea.hqx" format.


                  Larry Siebenmann

"That was the month that was":--

Great good news was that Statz is proud father of FB3
- flashing CD cigars left and right. There will
be a lot of diapers to change and I know the list will
lend a hand.  

Related good news that deserves loud cheers:

 --- Rick Brown our prodigious fountain of understanding
of both FB and Mac toolbox is reworking the FB3

 --- Otto Schlosser <otto@...> our man from
the the Apple documentation team is willing to advise.

I suspect FB doc has never had such such a broad and
star studded cast.   Name me another compiler for Mac
that has been going strong for the whole life history
of the Mac.  It's a Mac classic and has every chance
to become a very great classic.

Oh yes, now the bad news:

Franklin the the doomsayer <TacitR@...> gets my
best Bronx cheer for pouring sour grapes on FB while
insistantly delivering lenient gush on RB (see list
archives since April).