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From: Jonathan Neff <jjneff@...>
Date: Thu, 2 Sep 1999 08:37:04 -0500
Thank you Rick, that was right on the money.  AppleShare Prep turned 
out not to be one of the changed files (my mistake), but your initial 
analysis was absolutely correct.
thanks again,


Rick Wrote:
>This would seem to indicate that the "creator signature" of your Printing
>Prefs Restore application is the same as the creator signature of these other
>documents.  Assuming that your program does not actually change the signature
>of AppleShare Prep (etc.), then it may be that by chance you have chosen a
>creator signature for your app that happens to equal AppleShare Prep's creator
>signature.  On my machine, the creator sig. of AppleShare Prep is "afpt".  Is
>this by chance your app's signature?
>Another speculation is that some extension like Easy Open is making its own
>decisions about what documents go with which app's.  Easy Open is notorious
>for doing things like that.
>- Rick
>Jonathan Neff wrote:
> > Hello all,
> >
> > I've noticed something a little odd with regards to one of my apps
> > that I wrote last week.  I administer machines in a multi-user
> > environment and wrote an application (Printing Prefs Restore) to set
> > the printer settings back to default after a user logs out of a
> > machine.  Essentially, I replace the Printing Prefs folder with a
> > fresh copy, along with the LaserWriter extension.  What I've noticed
> > is that other preferences in the Preferences folder have started to
> > show up in the views as a Printing Prefs Restore document.  This has
> > happened to the MacOS Preferences, AppleShare Prep, and a few others.
> > I've seen this on a couple of different machines, but I can't figure
> > out the circumstances which cause it.  Anybody have an idea on this?
> > Thanks!!
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