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From: "Jon Tapp" <Tappjt@...>
Date: Wed, 08 Sep 1999 15:39:08 -0500
Thanks Phil and Jay!

Jon Tapp
Director of Computer Services
John F. Kennedy Center at
Vanderbilt University

>From: "Phil Yates" <phil.yates@...>
>To: futurebasic@...
>Subject: Re: [FB] Panel Animation in FB
>Date: Wed, Sep 8, 1999, 9:41 AM

>> I'm trying to write an experiment in which I want people to pick a box with
>> the mouse, then I want the box to appear to have a panel that slides up to
>> reveal a prize (in the form of a pict resource) behind it (or not=black,
>> means they picked the wrong one).
> Two ways - one easy, or more difficult.
> Easy - use a SCROLL on the panel door, scrolling it one pixel at a time. If
> is still too fast, put a DELAY n into the loop that does the scroll. When it's
> fully scrolled up, draw the PICT.
> Better, but more difficult. Create a gWorld (1) for your main picture, then
> create another gWorld (2) which will be moved to your output screen. Copy the
> box / panel from gWorld 1 to gWorld 2, then overwrite the door, then copy this
> to the screen. Then do it again with the door slightly further up, etc. This
> "real" animation, and will look as smooth as you'd probably want.
> Download the "Base program" from my web site at http://www.hawk.ndirect.co.uk
> it's got all the gWorld stuff already done for you.
> HTH,
> Phil.
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