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From: "Seth Willits" <bmxer01@...>
Date: Wed, 08 Sep 1999 19:27:57 -0800
>> Does anyone on this list use FutureBASIC to create XCMD's and XCFN's for
>> HyperCard?
> Welcome Seth,
> Just want to make sure that, if you get any direct replies, that I'm included
> in the thread. Before FBII I wrote 40 or 50 XCMDs and XFCNs in HyperTalk and
> then compiled them with a program named "CompileIt", but would be interested
> in doing them in FB3, particularly if it can produce PowerPC or Fat XCMDs and
> XFCNs - if there is such a critter. The ones I produced with CompileIt are
> obviously 68k, since they were created in 1989 - 1992 time frame. And,
> incidentally, are still working and used by my clients 8/5/52 with the latest
> version of HyperCard, G3s and System 8.5; so it is a pretty sturdy concept.
> The clients were using SE30s when they software was first created.
> Since CompileIt, to my knowledge, has never released a PPC Version, this might
> be a real good niche market for FB3.
> TIA, Joe Wilkins

I don't think CompileIt is PPC native at all, but it certainly still works
and is around from Royal Software.