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From: "jonathan" <jonnnathan@...>
Date: Thu, 09 Sep 1999 09:29:37 +0200
> Does anyone on this list use FutureBASIC to create XCMD's and XCFN's for
> HyperCard?

I originally bought FB for just that purpose. It was a bit hard (probably
because my programming on the Mac experience prior to FB was just
Hypercard!). The list helped a lot (thanks list).

One thing that is very important is that the HC glue stuff that I got on my
floppies wasn't good. It was corrected after and the latest versions are on
Staz's web site. Check whether you're using these.

Apart from that, the feeble capacity of my brain prevents me from
remembering _anything_ about XCMDs and XFCNs! However if you get into deep
water... post.

Any other advice is the same as for anyone starting anywhere:
- get yourself a good shell up and running, get it to fall into place and
give you a controllable result
- then archive that and use that for the basis of the next project, getting
complicated slowly.
- keep your code as modular and documented as possible, this'll help
debugging and putting your finger on problems

> Seth - the new guy  :^)

(gone golden, gone bust, now just gone)