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From: BMichael@...
Date: Thu, 9 Sep 1999 22:19:13 EDT
>I don't, but Frank Turovich did for Inside Basic (many times), see Staz's 
>site for how to order Inside Basic Complete on CD.

It's "Inside Basic Compleat"... Staz lists it for $49.50 + $5.00 s&h 
($54.50). Or, you can order it from futurebasic.org for $49.50 + $1.50 
s&h ($51) - Staz still gets $49.50 of that amount per my "license" (I 
ship the stuff, he gets the money... there's _something_ wrong with this 
picture, but I haven't figured out what yet...), doesn't have to deal 
with shipping it out, etc., and I don't have the overhead so shipping & 
such is less. However, I can't accept credit cards, so if you need to use 
one, call Staz & pay the extra $3.50.

I honestly don't know if the material on the CD would help with FB 1 

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