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From: Joe Lewis Wilkins <PepeToo@...>
Date: Fri, 10 Sep 1999 00:33:51 -0700
Glad to see you've recovered. Have the Betas finished their job so that FB^3 is
finally shipping? I keep looking in the mail every day.

Some of us probably start off with about 70 per; but, by the time we go that
extra mile or two to make things the way we want them to be, we're probably
lucky to come out with 25.

Bill, you brought up a good point. From what Staz has said, it appears that
FBII owners are entitled to $99/year subscription rates; but,  I should think,
that really only means that the first years rate will be higher for "others".
Seems so obvious, that I don't know why I had to say anything! Until it is
defined otherwise, this would be MY assumption.

This whole Power PC thing has had me befuddled. Here IBM designs the chip,
Apple is "almost" the only one buying it. They license Motorola to manufacture
it as well, BUT - and this is the real CRAZY part - they continue to use Intel
chips in most of THEIR PCs. Go Figure! Someone must know where the bodies are
buried. "Dumping their internal Macs" - you mean switching over to PCs using
"Intel" chips in their own engineering and accounting offices?

Joe Wilkins

BMichael@... wrote:

> >>> Ok - what can you get more worthwhile for $70? A good programmer doesn't
> >>> even charge that for an hourly rate - and FBII'll save you more than an
> >>> hour.
> >>
> >> CodeWarrior
> A) Who gets $70/hr?!?!? _I_ sure don't! Of course, the time difference
> between FB II and C, at least for me, is far more than an hour... and
> having used FB^3 quite a bit lately, I can say that it is easier for me
> to use than FBII - which is saying something!
> B) There's nothing _wrong_ with CodeWarrior itself - yet. I've been
> getting "concerned" about Metrowerks for some time now, as they dump more
> and more resources on non-Mac stuff, keep raising the prices, and keep
> cutting back on releases. Now that Motorola has bought them, I'm even
> _more_ concerned. Motorola is plain schizophrenic about the Mac. Since
> they build the PPC chips, they love it. But since Jobs screwed them over
> on the cloning business, they hate it; to the point that they're dumping
> all their internal Macs as we speak. It'll be interesting to see what
> happens this next year "down south" in Austin. (This is an ongoing topic
> in MDJ/MWJ - highly recommended journals, BTW, see <http://www.gcsf.com>
> for a free trial subscription.)
> C) Someone mentioned the $99 subscription price for FB^3; realize that
> this is the _upgrade_ price, for those who already own FBII. Staz has not
> said anything I'm aware of about the price for FB 1 owners, and has only
> talked privately about the price for "new customers".
> Bill
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