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From: BMichael@...
Date: Fri, 10 Sep 1999 20:19:56 EDT
>Glad to see you've recovered. Have the Betas finished their job so that 
>FB^3 is finally shipping? I keep looking in the mail every day.

_Real_ close. I don't know the exact state, but Staz had the CD 
duplicator warmed up and ready to go... Not at all sure how long it'll 
take to burn the CDs (and print the labels, and package, and address, and 
ship...) but I'd keep watching the mailbox. Unless you live near me, in 
which case, based on the "golden master beta CD" ship time, you can wait 
another week before you even bother to start watching. <sigh>

Just a little bit of "recognition" for the hardworking, dedicated, 
fanatical, worn-out members of the beta team (and the rest of us 
slackers); go take a look at <http://www.futurebasic.org/gallery.html>. 
:-) I'll update the main page with a link to it later on...

>Some of us probably start off with about 70 per; but, by the time we go that
>extra mile or two to make things the way we want them to be, we're probably
>lucky to come out with 25.

Or if you work for a contract house, _they_ charge $70 or more for your 
time, but you bring home much less... around here, _half_ seems to be 

>From what Staz has said, it appears that FBII owners are entitled to
>$99/year subscription rates; but, I should think, that really only means
>that the first years rate will be higher for "others".
>Seems so obvious, that I don't know why I had to say anything! Until it is
>defined otherwise, this would be MY assumption.

I don't have the full details from Staz. I _do_ know that "Release 0" 
(now burning) is only being offered to folks on the list (Has everybody 
sent in their form? If you haven't, email Staz your name, address, phone 
#, and credit info! - Um. Email Staz, _not_ the list. ;-) ) and "Release 
1" will be the "official, public" release, in a few months. Until 
something is printed on an order form or in an ad somewhere, published on 
Staz's site, or whatever, the price for the "public" release is 
officially unknown. (I ain't talkin. I still think it's too low.) 
"Release 0", for FBII-owning list members, is what Staz was talking about 
for $99/yr. (Of course, that'll include a copy of Release 1 when it 
ships, it's a regular 1-yr subscription.)

One thing I'll point out - FB^3 has _electronic_ manuals! Someone at work 
asked if they could borrow "the manual for this FutureBasic thing you're 
always talking about", and that got me to thinking if that fact had ever 
been made totally clear to the list. The cost for printing the massive 
amount of info that is on the CD on "real paper", in the quantities we're 
talking, would be ridiculous. (Although I'm still hoping for _some_ way 
to buy a set, given it'd take my poor Epson about three years to print a 

>This whole Power PC thing has had me befuddled. Here IBM designs the chip,
>Apple is "almost" the only one buying it. They license Motorola to 
>manufacture it as well, BUT - and this is the real CRAZY part - they 
>continue to use Intel chips in most of THEIR PCs. Go Figure! Someone 
>must know where the bodies are buried. "Dumping their internal Macs" - 
>you mean switching over to PCs using "Intel" chips in their own 
>engineering and accounting offices?

Engineering I'm sure uses UNIX workstations with PPC chips; nobody is 
going to shove those guys onto a Wintel box! Accounting, etc., yes 
indeed, they're getting PCs. (I thought Motorola licensed IBM; was it the 
other way around?)