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From: BMichael@...
Date: Sat, 11 Sep 1999 09:20:12 EDT
>But I have no idea how to bind 300 sheets (this is a complete guess, I 
>haven't even seen the help files). Even the largest staple gun couldn't 
>do it. Mabye I could use a drill press to make three holes on the left... 
>Any ideas?

First of all, 300 wouldn't even get the Reference Manual printed! The 
preliminary copy I've got is 553 pages... and that's one of _six_ 
"prelim" manuals I'm looking at. Whatever printer you use had better be 
fast, and capable of printing on both sides - otherwise, you're looking 
at a _whole_ lot of paper. (Hmmm. On second thought, go ahead! Just be 
sure to use Springhill or Hammermill paper. Then at least you'd 
contribute to the profits of the company I work for.)

Second, they make three-hole-punched paper! :-)
(Large print shops also have drill presses and fixtures to hold the 

Third, I wouldn't spend a lot of time & $$ printing manuals right now. 
One advantage of electronic manuals is the ability to revise them easily. 
The translators, in creating French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Kanji 
versions, are finding and noting all the typos and unclear wording (what 
is perfectly clear to native-English speakers, at least Southern-State 
Americans, has caused some discussions over correct translation, believe 
me... was it this list where someone said "what's a Catch-22"?) - and 
that process will continue for a while. I'm sure Release 1's manuals will 
be more "stable" than those with Release 0.

I printed the "Conversion" manual (much shorter, 39 pages, and already 
translated; although one problem _was_ found after that, of course 
<sigh>) on an ALPS dry-ink color printer, because of all the colored text 
& illustrations. It _looks_ great, but I figure it cost me about $10 in 
ribbons just for that, and it took quite a while. The Reference manual on 
that printer is just not possible. I'm exploring the options, and will 
let everyone know what I find, because _I_ thoroughly intend to have a 
printed set of manuals. The other option is an iBook with the manuals on 
it... I doubt my wife would fall for that one! :-)