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From: Joe Lewis Wilkins <PepeToo@...>
Date: Sat, 11 Sep 1999 07:27:04 -0700
BMichael@... wrote:

> First of all, 300 wouldn't even get the Reference Manual printed! The
> preliminary copy I've got is 553 pages... and that's one of _six_
> "prelim" manuals I'm looking at. Whatever printer you use had better be
> fast, and capable of printing on both sides - otherwise, you're looking
> at a _whole_ lot of paper. (Hmmm. On second thought, go ahead! Just be
> sure to use Springhill or Hammermill paper. Then at least you'd
> contribute to the profits of the company I work for.)
> Second, they make three-hole-punched paper! :-)
> (Large print shops also have drill presses and fixtures to hold the
> paper.)
> Third, I wouldn't spend a lot of time & $$ printing manuals right now.
> One advantage of electronic manuals is the ability to revise them easily.
> The translators, in creating French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Kanji
> versions, are finding and noting all the typos and unclear wording (what
> is perfectly clear to native-English speakers, at least Southern-State
> Americans, has caused some discussions over correct translation, believe
> me... was it this list where someone said "what's a Catch-22"?) - and
> that process will continue for a while. I'm sure Release 1's manuals will
> be more "stable" than those with Release 0.
> I printed the "Conversion" manual (much shorter, 39 pages, and already
> translated; although one problem _was_ found after that, of course
> <sigh>) on an ALPS dry-ink color printer, because of all the colored text
> & illustrations. It _looks_ great, but I figure it cost me about $10 in
> ribbons just for that, and it took quite a while. The Reference manual on
> that printer is just not possible. I'm exploring the options, and will
> let everyone know what I find, because _I_ thoroughly intend to have a
> printed set of manuals. The other option is an iBook with the manuals on
> it... I doubt my wife would fall for that one! :-)

Hi Guys,

Sorry that I got in on this thread so late; we do have to play now and then.

A couple of weeks ago I asked Staz if he wanted to have me get a bid from one
of my clients (a professional, custom printer) for printing the Manuals in a 3
ring binder format. I haven't talked to the client about this yet, but it
seems as if there might be some interest just from the list. They have a Drill
Press specifically for what you guys have been discussing AND they buy 3 ring
binders in quantity; so, I should imagine, this process will not be terribly
expensive AND THEY ARE FAST.

They also has a couple of HP 4000 LaserJet Printers and "Really large" Xerox
Copiers that copy to both sides - they all really rip, so Printing the stuff
out and duplicating it is also a snap. Staz and I have not talked about this
recently; I assume he is waiting for me to get back to him with a price; but,
even if he doesn't do it formally, assuming he gives us Copyright permission,
we could do a limited number. UPS ground shipment from San Diego isn't too bad
and I'm sure a few days more won't hurt anyone. If there is interest, don't
flood me with eMail right now, we can take this farther. The really nice thing
about the 3 ring approach is that, as we "later" discover errata, the
offending pages can be replaced by each of us or a supplemental printing could
be done by my client.

From some of the posts, I take it that some of the Manual is in color? This
could be handled too, but I'm sure it would jack up the price considerably. I
do need some feedback about this.

Joe Wilkins