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From: "jonathan" <jonnnathan@...>
Date: Sat, 11 Sep 1999 19:37:16 +0200
> Third, I wouldn't spend a lot of time & $$ printing manuals right now. 
> One advantage of electronic manuals is the ability to revise them easily.
> The translators, in creating French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Kanji
> versions, are finding and noting all the typos and unclear wording (what
> is perfectly clear to native-English speakers, at least Southern-State
> Americans, has caused some discussions over correct translation, believe
> me... was it this list where someone said "what's a Catch-22"?) - and
> that process will continue for a while. I'm sure Release 1's manuals will
> be more "stable" than those with Release 0.

Just a word for the localisation teams:
- for french we're looking at ways of delivering in a variety of formats,
and have even chatted to 'instant' printers for 'print on demand' quotes.
All this, however, implies extra work and would be above and beyond the
subscription price.
It would also be dependant on getting Staz's permission as he is the final
copyright owner. I'm sure that Staz _is_ aware of demands for printed works,
and come the official public release, he may have time to look for a
similiar 'print on demand' service. It is clear however that for the moment
this is not possible:
- Andy and Staz are still working themselves crazy for you
- As Bill mentionned version 0 docs _shouldn't_ be printed


PS. The translations team keeps a list of typos, i'll see about getting this
to a web page somewhere, so that subscibers can access it. This should also
be the first of a bunch of FB^3 web resources that we'll be bringing you!
Stay tuned.