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From: BMichael@...
Date: Sat, 11 Sep 1999 15:45:51 EDT
>I liked the idea of the iBook as a reference, Bill, but that is a bit hard 
>to justify.  On the other hand, one could buy a card and second monitor and 
>vastly improve the development environment for less bucks.  Online docs 
>would be easier to handle in this set-up.

I've got a video card and second monitor. (Have had ever since the SE 
shipped with an expansion slot! Couldn't live without it.) However, I 
usually need the reference books when a program is crashing - which means 
I'm running the debugger, which is on my second monitor. Or, I'm reading 
while the Mac is rebooting. All of which limit the usefullness of the 
fact that most of the materials are available under the Help menu anyway 
- you don't have to have the full-page eDoc running just to look 
something up.

However, I _do_ have a IIci "test bed" sitting here, as was suggested - 
so I can copy the reference manuals on to it, and use that _third_ 
monitor for something other than collecting dust... but that doesn't 
solve the "take it with me to read at lunch" problem. Which an iBook 
would. (See, I _knew_ I could justify it! But I'll bet my wife still 
won't agree...)

Joe Wilkins said
>From some of the posts, I take it that some of the Manual is in color? This
>could be handled too, but I'm sure it would jack up the price considerably. I
>do need some feedback about this.

The Reference (the big one) isn't too color-laden. It could quite 
reasonably be done in B&W. I have to admit I haven't looked at the PG 
manual yet (the other big one) or the "Learning" manual (medium-sized). 
The little ones (relatively) are pretty colorful. They _could_ be printed 
in B&W, and would be readable, and I'd certainly pay a resonable cost to 
get even a B&W printed set of _everything_, but color is more important 
on those. So good luck finding a price that won't kill us! I also spoke 
with Staz about this; the consensus was that getting a handful of printed 
copies would be more expensive _per_copy_, but would be _far_ cheaper 
than printing them up by the hundreds or thousands - not just in 
printing, but in packaging and mailing costs, too! Staz looks at things 
from a bigger perspective than we "end-users"...

I'm printing the Editor and Project Manager/Debugger docs this weekend - 
they're short enough to be reasonable, and shouldn't change much between 
now and Release 1. I may even be able to cobble something together so the 
IIci can print them, and not tie up my main Mac...