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From: Joe Lewis Wilkins <PepeToo@...>
Date: Sat, 11 Sep 1999 16:45:47 -0700
Attention All Font Fanatics!

I have a mystifying condition. The Games that I'm doing use a lot of Dialogs.
Since I'm doing them for Windows and Macs, I keep the Font situation pretty
basic, but I want the Windows Versions to know the heritage, so rather than
create Dialogs that look like Windows Dialogs, I use Pictures of the Mac Dialogs,
only using Window Objects for the Text Boxes, Buttons and Check Boxes. When I
show a picture of a Computer, I even show an old Mac II with the Apple Emblem
quite visible - I may insert an iMac with the next version and/or next games - a
real rub-it-in-their-face-hoot!

Enough background. The problem is that I also use a lot of pictures in the Mac
Dialogs, even when it is text, since my dialogs are very colorful and I use Color
Fonts and Non-Chicago Fonts in numerous instances. Everything looks fine when
used on System 8+, but when I test on a Performa with System 7.5+, some of the
Chicago Fonts (when they are part of pictures) default to the Geneva Font. Now
the Pictures that I'm using were created in Claris/Appleworks and I don't know if
that is the connection or if it is the System under which they were created that
causes this. I'm pretty sure that the Fonts that are showing up as Geneva are the
ones that I modified using System 8. In the very same Dialog I'll have some of
the Chicago Font words "appear" as Chicago, but others will "appear" as Geneva.
The Picture being used contains only Chicago Font words when viewed either in
ResEdit or AppleWorks. Hmn! I'm checking them with System 8 and I loaned out my
Performa with System 7.5 on it. Drats!

Well, explaining this to you may have put me on the trail to a solution; but if
any of you have thoughts on the subject, fire away! I think I'm going to have to
do them over on a System 7+ Computer. What a drag. They're all OK on the Windows
Versions, because I use bitmaps, not PICTs when I transfer them to Visual Basic;
but still on my Mac - in case there are those who don't remember some of my
earlier posts.

TIA, Joe Wilkins