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From: Jim Henson <vegasswede@...>
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 1999 08:00:18 -0700
>Programming is a marvelous quagmire
>of opportunity limited only by our ability to organize and orchestrate.


Your a Poet .. And don't know it .. But your feet show it .. They're Long 

Tedd .. Remember when you were here .. Blessing Dumb Dumb with your 
presence ;-)

We were going over some of the differences of how the 2 of us get to the 
same solution using a different route ..

I'll never forget that .. 

I achieve through a "Back Door Logic" compared to your "Frontal approach" 

Because I'm still in a very low state of ability .. I start with a long, 
extensive, step by step, set of FNs .. then .. Step by step .. test by 
test .. reduce it by experimentation, consolidation and shear luck .. (if 
Old Murphy is on holiday)

The part that I remember is that you taught me the use of pencil & Paper 
to "Sketch the Scenario" then go at it with code .. I use a lot of sketch 
pads now .. And get there a LOT quicker with the Keyboard .. 

Thank you .. 

Jim Henson,The Vegas Swede, (^_^) s aplenty

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