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From: "Pixmix (micronet)" <pixmix@...>
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 1999 12:36:03 +0200
Phil Yates wrote:

> Jamin said,
> > Maybe you have the AppleEvents bit turned on in your SIZE resource?
> and Rick said,
> > I have some old notes that tell me that FINDERINFO will only work if the
> > "High-level event aware" flag (in SIZE resource #-1) is turned _off_.  Have >
> > you checked this?  (You can check it with ResEdit.)
> >
> > I think FB creates this resource for you, _unless_ you include it in the
> > resource file specified in your program's RESOURCES statement.  To make sure
> > that FB doesn't "reset" that flag each time you compile, it's probably a good
> > idea to create your own copy of the resource (with the flags set the way you
> > want) and store it in your resource file.
> Dear Children,
> I want to all to know that both Jamin and Rick have both been very clever,
> and have been awarded my special star for being very clever and fixing the
> problem.
> They can both wear it until the next dumb question.
> Many thanks, both. I've cross posted this to the FB3 Beta list - it's not in
> the FB3 manual under FINDERINFO, and ought to be.
> Phil.


I'm currently translating de FB^3 Reference Manual and I can tell you that the
note Rick has mentioned, is under the FINDERINFO function. Maybe, you haven't got
the latest version.