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From: Joe Lewis Wilkins <PepeToo@...>
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 1999 18:23:55 -0700
GBeckman@... wrote:

> Moral, the finder finds files, but never tells the Open and Save As about
> what it found.

George, I understand your problem AND your frustration, but you may well be doing
the KIDS a disservice by holding their hands so much. I have several clients (NOT
USING SERVICES though) who perpetually run into this problem. I try to teach them
the way to "Navigate" etc., but they either don't understand what I'm saying or
are just not willing to put the effort into the "learning" process that needs to
be put forth. Which is the reason, when I find individuals who will just NOT
learn how to do this, that I throw up my hands and tell them to hit the "Desktop"
button and do ALL their saving there. This means that they have to sort through
stuff and "eventually" put it someplace meaningful; but, on my lazier days, I
even fall in to that habit myself. AT LEAST the stuff I'm working on is right in
front of my nose.

I realize this has not helped you solve your "problems", but maybe they aren't
your problems.

Incidentally, that "Save to Documents Folder" referred to the fact that
"someplace along the way", when you installed a New System, a "Documents" folder
was actually placed ON THE DESKTOP.

Since we'll have the source code for FB^3, perhaps we could modify some of the
Open and Save Dialogs to address these very issues - or at least create our own
alternatives. I haven't received my FB^3 yet!


Joe Wilkins