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From: BMichael@...
Date: Thu, 16 Sep 1999 10:19:16 EDT
>Is there an alternative font that Staz could use
>in eDocs? (Staz has indicated that he might
>consider a change for release 1 if there was
>a simple way to do it)

Unknown. Jonathan's idea of a custom font for the special characters 
would be simplest, and just use Chicago otherwise.

>Can you port Charcoal font onto older machines

Yes - it's just another font. As long as you have TrueType.

>Are there copyright problems in doing so?

As long as it's for your own use, from one of your computers to another, 
I would say "probably not" - at least in the U.S... otherwise, who 

>BTW, Much to my surprise FB^3 Editor seems to run just
>fine on my 68K PB although I haven't tried compiling anything, yet.
>I haven't seen any minimum specification for FB^3,
>does such info exist?

It was _tested_ and worked on IIsi/IIci-class Macs during the beta, 
although I don't think anyone spent much time with it on those. I would 
be very surprised if it would work under pre-System 7 OSes (requires 
AppleEvents, at the very least), but there's nothing that _I've_ seen 
that would keep it from running, albeit very slowly, on a Plus... hm... 
maybe I should dust off my PB100 ("melted SE") and play with it! :-)