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From: "jonathan" <jonnnathan@...>
Date: Thu, 16 Sep 1999 16:46:34 +0200
> How
> about if I just include the Charcoal font in the documents folder?

I would advice against distributing 'Charcoal' without first having a sugned
document from Apple to cover you. Even though it is a standard install on
system software, it is copyright Apple, and Apple does make folks pay albeit
for the system as a whole.

AFAIK 'Charcoal' is not available for public download from an Apple site,
unlike characters like 'Georgia' and 'Verdana' (drawn by the very skilled
Mathew carter) that are available at MicroS*ft's site - but *only* from
there (again, it is illegal to pass them onto a friend - that is the
agreemnt that you 'sign' when you download the fonts).

I'm perfectly willing to put a TrueType 'StazBats' fonts together. I suppose
that you need all the symbols in the Charcoal font - in the same slots, as
this would simplifiy substitution - are there any other 'Dingbattish' chars
you need? perhaps stuff life the miniApp symbol and others... this would
'lighten' the doc, as well as probably simplifying printing.

OTOH - perhaps it would be best to do TrueType _and_ Type1 (Fontographer'll
do both from the same .fog file), as I believe that Type1 work better on
imagesetters, and maybe for PDFs too.

Feedback please - I'll work this weekend if you're OK on it.