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From: Jim Henson <vegasswede@...>
Date: Thu, 16 Sep 1999 08:44:15 -0700
Mornin' All,

Today is A Glorious Day .. This morning, I received Staz's OK & Blessing 
to start Posting "How To" Tips for FB^3 ..

First & Foremost .. For the Feint At Heart .. Get you some "Nerve 
Settler" .. I have a jug of 100 Proof Old Grandpappy that took a heck of 
a beating in my "Getting Used To" period

'Cause Folks, FB^3 has a Couple or so features that, when they go into 
action .. 

Whoopty Doo .. It am gonna make your little old heart go Pitty Pat in 
double time .. 

When you Convert that First FB II Program to FB^3 .. Good Golly Miss 
Molly .. Grab your chair & HANG ON

'Cause there will be more Whistles & Bells plus Flipping & Flashing than 
you've ever witness on your monitor .. 

It took 3 nips of Old Grandpappy to settle my nerves when I Converted my 
U S History's 40 some incls ..

Get your Bugle out .. 'Cause you can Play Taps for the 32K limit .. May 
It Rest In Peace

Its demise has Literally made ALL of those include Files into ONE .. 

This next statement sounds like a "West Texas Whopper" but it IS FACT .. 

SO FAR .. I have been able to ELIMINATE OVER 3000 LINES OF CODE .. And 
still cutting ..

All of this code was an absolute MUST in FB II .. In FB^3 .. They are 
unneeded .. 

Coding requirements in FB^3 is BARE BONES .. HOW About That, Sports Fans

New Features .. WOW .. FB^3 is as loaded with them as a New Lincoln Town 
Car is with Electronic Gizmos ..

My favorite 2 are The Bookmark and Date Keystroke

The need to fight that Scroll in Overdrive is past .. Now you can pull 
down a Bookmark Menu .. Select which FN you want .. Let loose .. SHAZAM 
.. There IT AM

Ya got a REEEEAAAL Long FN that you may need to scroll into its innards 

NO SWEAT .. Throw a Bookmark or 2 into the much traveled area .. 

And .. If you like to date you code .. Just put the insertion point where 
you want the date .. Hit Command - D .. A little "Blip" .. There is the 
date '[16/9/99]

Staz has promised me that he will even add the time to the date .. 

FIND & CHANGE .. Here's where that Old Grandpappy Really got hit HARD a 
few times

There's a little requirement of % must suffix certain variables .. 

like X,Y has to be X%,Y%

Oh my you say .. Don't Sweat the Small small stuff

Open the FIND window

Put X,Y into the "Find" window .. Put X%,Y% into the "Change To" Window

And Hit the "Change All" Btn .. Hold Yer Chapeau Bras .. 

'Cause Quick like a Bunny .. Biff Bamm .. There will be more action than 
a Floating Crap Game

That Finder will locate every one of those X,Y critters 

And the Changer will convert them to X%,Y%

Now here is a Sticky Wicket feature of FB^3 that you'uns Ain't used to

FB^3 is Case Sensitive .. So .. On an X,Y Find & Change, It behooves you 
to go through twice

Once with x,y & once with X,Y .. Just in case you have both versions

I hope this has been informative ..

Jim Henson,The Vegas Swede, (^_^) s aplenty

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An Oasis Dedicated To Around The Clock Entertainment
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