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From: Chris Stasny <staz@...>
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 1999 09:04:43 -0500
>I guess I must be the only person on the list
>wanting to take a program originally developed
>from PG2.3 but currently run with FBII into the FB^3 world....
>Any clues of how to upgrade PG2.3 to PG4 though?
>PG4 just complains about the RSRC file and doesn't
>load up anything.
>Window Clipper works with the same RSRC file though!
>I wonder what happened to PG3? That might provide the all
>important intermediate conversion. Anyone got a copy?
>(I'm sure Staz would mind me "borrowing" a copy for
>conversion purposes)
>Or is this just a ResEdit Job - transfer what I can, PICTS, cursors
>and icons and start afresh with menu and windows?

1) Use FB^3 to convert the project.
2) Use PG 4 to convert the resource file
3) Throw away every file generated by PG
4) Use FB^3 Program Generator to convert it again


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