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From: "keller" <keller@...>
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 1999 23:03:25 -0500
> I recieved the following error when I tried to demo FB3 for my nephew.
> Error: Functions must be defined before using...
> In file Temp Project at line 87 in MAINACTIONS, Code=129740
> €FN pGbuild€(_HelloWindowWnd)
> I tried it several times and decided that possibly the fact that I had FB2
> on line might have been the problem but didn't have time to test it until
> now.  I stuffed FB2 with StuffIt! so it wouldn't pick up something like
> STAZextras for example.
> I still have the error.  I looked in the prefs and tried to see where the
> problem exists.
> So...
> the problem is with pGbuild....
> What is it I am overlooking?
> Jim Mumaugh

I had the same problem. It worked fine once I DEF FNed pGbuild at the
begining of my .MAIN file.

Don't ask me why, I had to def fn my other FN's that I was calling from
outside their own INCL files.

So add this line at the beginning but outside of the PG code area...

DEF FN pGbuild(_HelloWindowWnd)