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From: BMichael@...
Date: Sat, 18 Sep 1999 01:20:10 EDT
>Error: Functions must be defined before using...
>In file Temp Project at line 87 in MAINACTIONS, Code=129740
>FN pGbuild(_HelloWindowWnd)

Without seeing the code, it's hard to determine the problem - but 
"Functions must be defined before using" simply indicates that the 
function "pGbuild" that you're calling in line 87 of your code either 
isn't in your code, or first appears after line 87.

From the function name, I'd expect pGbuild to be a part of PG. It's 
possible that you do not have the appropriate filters in your project. 
Another clue to this is the name, "Temp Project", as PG-created 
applications normally have a name long before getting to the point of 
compiling them. "Temp Project" normally indicates a one-file, "no 
project" compile, which obviously wouldn't have PG filters...

In other words, need a lot more info before we can answer this one!

One random thought... in FBII, it was common to double-click on any file 
in a project, since FBII's project manager scanned the folder for all 
files; this won't work in FB^3 - you _MUST_ double-click the ".Proj" 
file! (Or open the project from within the FB^3 Editor.) Otherwise, only 
the single file you double-clicked will be opened (as a "Temp Project") 
and none of the other files needed for your compile (such as PG filters) 
will be "known" to the compiler.