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From: Ken Shmidheiser <kshmidheiser@...>
Date: Sat, 18 Sep 1999 03:25:29 -0400
Mel sighed:

>Anyone do source conversions from FBII source to FB3 and can make
>something work? I have too many hours into FB3 already and am going

I've had to comb my code and re-DIM a lot of things, change the 
variable syntax (the % key is getting a good work-out) and redefine a 
bunch of constants. Also have to get rid of all the old DIM myRect.8s 
and replace them with DIM myRect AS RECTs. I'm also junking the 
WINDOW OFFs and COORDINATE WINDOWS. Any code with a bunch of CALLs in 
it is a mess. DEFs also get a workout.

FB^3 seems to be fussier about syntactical structure-- it likes 
underscores and doesn't like spaces in places where FBII didn't care. 
Of course, I've only had it a couple days.

It's nice to have all your errors open at once in a scrolling window, 
but the error messages could be  more helpful in suggesting ways to 
fix problems. Error message numbers must be from another planet. I 
hate when you fix one error and it creates five new ones, but then 
again we are programmers. Masochistic$ = STR$(Programmer%)

The new debugger is really helpful. Edit->Preferences->Compiler->Use 
debugger in non-project runs (third check box). Then use "Slow" to 
watch FB^3's green arrow scroll through each line of code, and use 
"Step" to do it yourself. If it pops right though a function to "END 
FN" you can bet there's a problem somewhere in that function. (Love 
the way it joggles around HANDLEEVENTS! It's kinda neat to watch your 
code running in slo-mo-- I've already seen places where I can 

I found it helpful to run through some of the simpler Handbook 
examples to get the feel of things, but not all of the examples want 
to run.

The preferences confusing: Still trying to figure out what FBII 
emulation and Lite runtime is. Looks to me like everything comes out 
the same way. (Where's the "Heavy" runtime?)

Not having a printed Reference manual is the pits. The eDOCs are 
marginal, a lot of wasted space if you want to print out all 598 
pages, and navigating without an index is a royal pain. Find function 
is way to slow to be of any use, even on my G3. Staz shoulda' stuck 
with DocMaker like they used on the InsideBASIC disk. Far superior 
indexing and searching, also has hypertext capability. Thank goodness 
they didn't use PDFs or we'd be scrolling around all day!

FB^3's like anything new, we'll get used to it an never look back. 
Why Mel, you might even start using PG4! (Me, I'm stickin' with Flash 

p.s. Wish Mars was still around: Would love to see what he'd be doing with it.

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