[futurebasic] RE: [FB] FBII->3 Source Conversions

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From: Mel Patrick <mel@...>
Date: Sat, 18 Sep 1999 10:07:49 -0700
>Ken wrote :
>FB^3's like anything new, we'll get used to it an never look back. 
>Why Mel, you might even start using PG4! (Me, I'm stickin' with 
>Flash Windows.)

To be honest, I did use PG (version 1) once. I also tried each 
version of PG since then. Once. So who knows, I may even find one I 
like someday. Then I'll try it. Twice.

I'm still trying to figure out what all that stuff is in the FBII 
"header" file and just how much of it I can rip out and still make 
things run. My initial feeling for FB3 is that I won't be doing much 
converting from my hordes of FBII code to FB3, but rather starting 
from scratch with FB3 with new projects.

Having said that, I don't want to have to remember two different 
syntax systems and I know FBII pretty good. For me, working code is 
more important than speedy non working code, so FB3 might just get 
shelved until I can find time to get it figured out.

The FB3 editor is very nice though. However, I did miss having all 
the functions available in a window (popups are not speed efficient 
when you use them repeatedly) and being able to click on the function 
name to find all the references to that function. I have to check the 
editor docs again but is this missing now?

It was also nice to see Staz adopted the bookmark idea I used in 
ToolBuddy but feel it would be better in a window too.

Mel Patrick