[futurebasic] Re : [FB] FBII->3 Source Conversions

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From: "jonathan" <jonnnathan@...>
Date: Sat, 18 Sep 1999 19:30:23 +0200
> I'm still trying to figure out what all that stuff is in the FBII 
> "header" file and just how much of it I can rip out and still make
> My initial feeling for FB3 is that I won't be doing much
> converting from my hordes of FBII code to FB3, but rather starting
> from scratch with FB3 with new projects.

Hi mel

I must say that your post rings a bell with me. I have had exactly the same
problems with my code. This may be because we have a very similar coding
style - tight, close to the processor. So far, I haven't managed to convert
any of my projects to FB^3, but as they're not speedmongers and continue to
function even under 8.6, this doesn't worry me. The problem is not with
FB^3, I hasten to add, but with me!

I also came to the very same conclusions as you. And will be looking to
start new projects from scratch in this environment. I also get this
horrible feeling of starting out on a new journey with stiff new shoes, and
having to leave my comfortable shoes at home.

Here's hoping that we'll still manage to have some fun on the way.

PS. Folks don't get me wrong on this, I've been a beta tester, I'm actively
working to get FB^3 distributed and localised in Europe, I'm preparing the
new FAQsheets... so I do believe in the thing. It's just that aside from
that, and as a programmer - i'm having a rough time learning a new ball game
at my (venerable) age.