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From: Robert Purves <robert.purves@...>
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 14:11:09 +1200
>>According to the FB^3 documentation, during auto conversion of FBII projects:
>>  12.  All COMPILE lines are remarked out. (Use the FB^3 preferences
>>       window to set compile options.)
>>At least in my hands, the COMPILE statements are actually _not_ commented
>>out automatically.
>This is _very_ strange... is there anything "unusual" about your COMPILE

Ah, well, yes, actually. Thanks, Bill, for making me look harder at the
problem. Here are some of the statements copied out of the converted

COMPILE ,_dimmedVarsOnly
COMPILE ,_dimmedVarsOnly_macsBugLabels
COMPILE ,_myCompileSettings

On further testing I find that if the tickcount parameter (ignored by FB2
for applications, and hence optional) is included, the COMPILE statements
_are_ recognised and auto-commented out correctly during conversion.

'COMPILE 0,_dimmedVarsOnly
'COMPILE 0,_dimmedVarsOnly_macsBugLabels
'COMPILE 0,_myCompileSettings

So there _is_ a bug, but it only affects the (perfectly legal in FB2) form
with the tickcount parameter omitted. The bug will not affect everybody's
conversions, just the unlucky @#$%^%#'s such as me, who use the shortened

Robert Purves