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From: "Michael Evans" <mikonic@...>
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 11:16:17 -0400
> No pressure, mind you, but would you FB/PPC cognoscenti please provide a
> suitable kludge for the HANDANDHAND problem?  If I have to resort to
> SETHANDLESIZE and BLOCKMOVE, it'll just be a cryin' shame.
>   To repeat what others have said, the editor insists that HANDANDHAND
>  needs only one argument.  FBII needed two.  Apple Computer says you
> need two, even for the PPC environment (I checked the latest IM on
> Apple's website).
>   Please, please, please.....   Even an assembly snippet would do.....
>   I know you're busy, but thanks so much.
>   Charles P.
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I, for one, would appreciate some definitive and commented sample code (that
works!) outlining the proper use of HANDANDHAND and HANDTOHAND in both FBII

I currently provide the same functionality by using SETHANDLESIZE and
BLOCKMOVE etc. because I've never been able to figure them out in FBII (let
alone in FB^3)....

It would appear from the traffic that I'm not the only confused one out


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